Making The Computer Better

Making the Computer Better (1960 - 1969)


The Digital Equipment Corporation started the 1960s out with the PDP-1 which was the precursor the the minicomputer. It went for $120,000. Now that the computers were being made and understood, it was time to start making them better. Virtual memory came out in 1962 and so did the IBM 1311 disk storage drive. The DAC-1 was introduced in 1963 and it was the first design program that could be used on a computer. The year after, the IBM System/360 came out. The IBM System/360 were 6 computers that were compatible with each other. IBM also introduced the SABRE which delivered data to flights in the U.S. The control Data corporation came out with the 6600 Supercomputer which was the fastest computer to date. This supercomputer brings out the competitiveness between all of the computer companies.

The minicomputer was commercialized in 1965 with Digital Equipment Corporation's PDP-8. Now computers were being built not always trying to be the fastest, they were trying to be the smallest as well. In 1966, Hewlett-Packard invented the smaller, general purpose computer, HP-2115. The year after, 1967, IBM comes out with the IBM 1360 Photo Digital Storage System. The 1960s was the decade of which computer company can make the best computer when it comes to speed and size.


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